Bicycle parking in Japan

I can see how the bicycles are supported to remain standing when they’re placed in the storage area. It looks like it’s a channel for the tyres to sit in, but I don’t imagine that would be enough to keep all bikes standing (I

2015 Audi R8 LMX, final edition of the R8.

They make it more difficult to visually discern the lines of the body. The swirls clearly don’t make it impossible, but they screw around with our ability to piece together the sections of the car as a whole. Also, not to be that guy,

Carrying a #1 to signify being the first 1000 footer on the Great Lakes. The “Stewart J. Cort” in Superior, Wisconsin.

[Boatnerd]( has [an amazing photo]( of her initial, temporary configuration without the cargo area. >The unusual-looking vessel was known as “Hull 1173” but acquired the nickname “Stubby” due to its appearance. Hull 1173 consisted of the Cort’s bow and stern sections, 182 feet long

White Ferrari LaFerrari

Never said they don’t sound ridiculous, mine was just a sarcastic comment to show that yours was a bit of a hyperbole. I get that you’re supposed to call the LaFerrari as simply “LaFerrari” without even putting a “the” in the front. So if

Steam engine with oscillating cylinders

Never understood the point of a oscillating engine at this scale. You’ve got sliding valve surfaces that take are tough to seal, trunions and bearings that take a lot of abuse, and even more side pressure on the gland packings than on a normal

Skyline we just unloaded from the ship

Yeah…’cause they’re not exactly getting cheaper either. Hopefully petrol-powered cars you drive yourself aren’t made illegal before we get our chance again. edit: I don’t know if it was part of this group’s business or not but there’s still a couple R34s tooling around

Acura NSX

I have a short/medium list of cars that are examples of Automotive Perfection. This is absolutely without a doubt in the top 5 cars of eternity. This particular NSX is a great example of NSXs in general. There is/was (I haven’t seen it in

Tu-95 Bear – “Saratov”

This is Russia’s equivalent of the B-52, right? I wonder why they went with propellers while we went with jet engines. They came out within months of each other. EDIT: > The big problem for Tupolev was the engine choice: the Tu-4 showed that

Honda RC213V-S

Nothing really. People were expecting a huge power output but it has 156 bhp (101 for U.S) and needs the race kit to get the full 212 BHP. Which to be honest has always been Hondas way. Although I doubt many of these will

Datsun 240Z

It’s actually not difficult to find parts for old Z cars. It’s a common misconception, but there’s a plenty big aftermarket for everything you’d need, rusted out S30s in junk or backyards, and some things you can roll into an Advance or dealer and

White Lamborghini Aventador in the rain

People park on the wrong side of the road all day every day. There is no such thing as rental spots in the uk. A double yellow line means no parking for ANYONE. You cannot buy a parking privelage in a no parking zone

BR Standard Class 8 #71000 – The Duke of Gloucester

The *Duke* was built in April 1954, and resembles most British locomotives from the 1930s onwards. The last steam locomotive built by British Rail was the BR Standard Class 9F [92220 *Evening Star*](, built in April 1960. The last mainline steam-hauled revenue-earning service in

Insane Lamborghini Murcielago.

Personally, I think the gaudy ground effects and “in-your-face” riveted flares work pretty well on Lambos. I would venture to say that 99.9% of Lamborghini owners are buying their cars so that they can be seen driving a flashy, wild-looking exotic. Therefore, at least

£40,000 Ducati Desmosedici RR

It was their GP bike of that era detuned and made road legal. They are very rare, yet oddly they do turn up a lot at bike meets etc. Service costs and parts are silly money.

A radial, triple expansion, steam engine

I think the box at the back of each piston assembly is the cylinder, and they do vary significantly in size. As for the pipes, bear in mind this looks like a factory so the engine might not be complete yet.
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