Black NSX

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Tiger Stone brick road laying machine

I’ve personally laid [over 1/4 mile of block paving](,-1.268948&spn=0.000575,0.002034&sll=52.866962,-1.268142&sspn=0.000575,0.002034&geocode=FRy-JgMdtJ_s_w%3BFXCvJgMd6aTs_w&t=h&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=20&z=20). I don’t know how many metres per hour we were doing, but the method in the video posted above somewhere doesn’t really seem any faster at all. We had four guys, three laying, on one

The amazing EarthRace around the globe record vessel (RIP)

I’m watching a documentary on the History channel about this right now. What a crowd of ‘conservationist’ idiots. Ran over a fishing boat near Guatemala, killing a fisherman, and after being cleared by the Guatemalan gov’t (dunno how) continued the race! They should have

Quantum of the Seas entering New York harbor

He’s getting downvoted because he’s making a generalized statement about cruise ship design based on one ship, as if there is some master design for them. I agree that the QotS is a bit….out there, but it’s by no means the ugliest thing to

Oh, Canada; the HTT Plethore

In this case though, it’s shit. The car was first designed back in ’99 by a body shop guy and an entrepreneur, none of which (if you’ve noticed) know of any mechanical work. The car has a history of blowing through gearboxes and generally

Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12EC

at first it was said, that he wanted the 599 v12 engine (Tipo F140C) build into the 458 chassis but this never happened, so he got this tribute to 512. btw. there are some more ferraris that were build by the factory for special

Cutiss V-8 Motorcycle

>Before achieving fame in aeronautics, Glenn Curtiss started his career with motorcycles. The early aviation community began to seek out Curtiss because of his growing reputation for designing powerful, lightweight motorcycle engines. In 1906 he designed his first V-8 engine in response to several

Ford GT at Cars and Coffee Scottsdale

I appreciate the courtesy. Yes, there are hundreds of pictures *somewhere* with my plate in it and yes, I know you can’t easily go get my info from my plate number, but if my car is the focus of the picture, I like my

Zündapp KS 750

The technology in this bike is incredible, considering it was designed in the 1930’s. Just look at the frame! Also, the engine was so good the Russians and BMW flatly stole the blueprints to produce their own versions. Zundapp was teh shit!

The French are still crazy (Citroen Survolt)

Just in case you or anyone else doesn’t know, It was made for GT5 by Citröen (The GTbyCITROEN), for GT6 Polyphony Digital had a special concept program which a lot of makes enrolled in. So expect many beautiful things coming out with this one.

Mercedes Benz Unimog on factory test track

Hydraulics give lots of small problems, leaks, overheating, etc. Mercedes airlines go brittle, and need completely renewing. Trouble is, it’s a nightmare of a job, entailing a complete vehicle stripdown. Hence, it never gets done. Portal axles sound great – till the gearboxes start

Miss Geico

That’s the old Mystic Miss Geico… One of the turbines caught fire and she burnt to the water line. The new one runs 1650 Mercs and is a 43 Victory I believe.

Massive Russian dragline

the russian translated comments are amazing; GeniYVideO 7 months ago The operator hands to tear off – he tremor of the limbs. Which is not to rest the elbow in the stomach so as not shaking? or squat down and rest the elbow to

Desperately Pretty 1972 Datsun 240z

No idea. I was under the impression that they had basically the same body, but I’m not sure. Those guys have an email on their website. I would recommend shooting them an email. Like I said, I just found that in a search, I

Plane-in-plane porn: a C-124 Globemaster delivers a ski plane to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, 1956 (photo by Jim Waldron)

Its big brother the [de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter]( is still one of the most popular aircraft used in Antarctica. It actually was the first aircraft to perform a rescue evacuation to the South Pole during the Antarctic winter. Read about it [here](