Aston Martin One-77

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I was passed by one of these on the road here in the UK whilst I was moving from the south coast to the midlands…

…so there I am in my white van full of my crap. In the outside lane, passing various trucks and slow moving traffic… when I notice something beetling up behind me from the distance – fast. There’s not a whole lot I could do about pulling over to let it past (vans can only go so fast, but still faster than a lorry…) so I do what I can and keep going.

…The fact it was travelling fast piqued my interest so I kept an eye open to see what was coming up behind me. Then I spot that the grill is of an Aston Martin… but not one I’ve seen before.

Then it clicks.

A gun-metal grey model draws up behind me and sits there… skulks there… whilst I do what I can to get past the traffic to allow it to pass (ever tried to keep your eye on the road *and* enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime view in your rear mirror?).

The traffic clears, I pull over, the One-77 rockets past – easily accelerating from the 65/70mph we were doing to… I don’t know what speeds.

And just like that, it disappeared into the horizon. Just incredible.

I’m assuming it was one of the first off the assembly line from Gaydon – which is just off the M40 between London and Birmingham (my destination). They must have been taking it for a test run.

Anyhow… a truly special moment. I do love this car…

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