Carrying a #1 to signify being the first 1000 footer on the Great Lakes. The “Stewart J. Cort” in Superior, Wisconsin.

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[Boatnerd]( has [an amazing photo]( of her initial, temporary configuration without the cargo area.

>The unusual-looking vessel was known as “Hull 1173” but acquired the nickname “Stubby” due to its appearance. Hull 1173 consisted of the Cort’s bow and stern sections, 182 feet long and 75 feet wide (the reduced width was necessary to pass through the St. Lawrence Seaway and Welland Canal locks). The vessel made its way up to the Lakes in 1971 where it was cut apart (following the “Cut Here” instructions painted on the hull) and the two ends were fastened to the 818-foot long midbody at Erie Marine in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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