Top 1000 Boat Pictures

Novaya Zemlya – dry cargo ship at anchor

Nope, [not grounded]( Maybe they fill the ballast tanks outside the baltic, because then they can’t get in trouble with the [special status]( baltic area?

Carrying a #1 to signify being the first 1000 footer on the Great Lakes. The “Stewart J. Cort” in Superior, Wisconsin.

[Boatnerd]( has [an amazing photo]( of her initial, temporary configuration without the cargo area. >The unusual-looking vessel was known as “Hull 1173” but acquired the nickname “Stubby” due to its appearance. Hull 1173 consisted of the Cort’s bow and stern sections, 182 feet long

Viking 50 Convertible, my latest project

The front windows also were a “weak” point; heavy seas caused lots of flex and often that’s where leaks would develop; where the flybridge is mounted to the salon deckhouse. Many an old Jersey built boat has water leaks in the windshield (not just

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker “Arktika”

Modern lifeboats are essentially just small, fully-functional watercraft. They would serve to protect a crew from drowning, and would likely extend survival even in such a cold environment as they are sealed and not just open-air.

Any love for Chinese Junk ships?

Sadly, no. You would be very surprised at the astonishing lack of high quality junk pictures. Most pictures are either taken with a potato or its a terrible angle/light. The one I posted was the one I thought was the most pornographic. lol

BMW Oracle Boat taking a sharp left turn.

Rudder I think is what you were going for there. And yes, they do. Huge amount of lateral resistance when you try and turn one of those bad boys. This boat is a wonder honestly. It has projectors that shine on the sail to

Viking display at the Miami Boat Show.

Unfortunately I only got a photo of the bridge on the enclosed bridge model – the right-most of the three. View post on There’s new car smell, new plane smell, new house smell – but they all pale in comparison to new yacht

The $300 Million Yacht – Simply Named “A”

It’s a [Bermudan ensign](, not to be confused with the very similar [Cayman ensign]( Edit: and it’s owned by [this guy](
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