Top 1000 Boat Pictures

Seen in Cavtat, Croatia

If you like that, check out the Plumduff.

Super Small Navy Vessel

I served on submarines in the Navy. These small boats would push things around the piers such as small barges, floating tanks, or mooring camels. Most Navy Bases now also have floating barriers to prevent terrorist attacks. These small boats would also be used

Viking 76C

Apparently the rule of thumb is 10% of the value of the boat. A guy who owned a 2.7 million dollar boat said it costs him 300k a year to keep. Therefore, that boat probably costs a cool million a year. Shit, it costs

The Ports of Nice France

Before you try to be clever and cocky, [get your facts straight.]( EDIT: Fore reference, [this is Nice.]( Had too much Champagne while there?

11m Open tender

I think a enclosed tender would only be comfortable if there was some type of AC unit keeping it nice inside. Otherwise no matter how nicely fitted out this tender is it would just be stuffy and smelly inside. But I agree if I

I don’t even know what the hell this thing is

It’s a casino/pleasure barge that’s only halfway built-out. I would guess that the developer ran out of money before it was finished, or didn’t want to finish it because they built it on spec. and they anticipate that the final owner would want to

Batillus in 1976.

And the google translate link for the lazy

Amateur boatporn. Featuring me

It’s called a “megin” It’s a four person dinghy, modeled after old working vessels from the inner Danish waters. The hull shape is stolen from/inspired by Viking ships found in Denmark. In short: a small pleasure craft 😃

LCS-2 inroute to the Persian Gulf

Actually, that’s from the 2009 builder’s trials. [Link to uncropped, unedited version \[3213 × 5090\]]( >090712-N-0000G-004 > >GULF OF MEXICO (July 12, 2009) The littoral combat ship Independence (LCS 2) underway during builder’s trials. Builder’s trials are the first opportunity for the shipbuilder and

Stow the fore topsail . . . Garthsnaid in rough seas, around 1920

She’a a three masted barque. [This is her from the side](, so the mizzen won’t be easily visible as it is not square-rigged. kliff0rd is correct that the photo will have been from the jibboom. The photo is on a [12.1 x 16.6 cm

Nicest boathouse I have ever seen…

don’t want to kill your post (it aint an ugly boathouse) but i think you’ve never seen boldt castle and its [boathouse] (