Top 1000 Boat Pictures

Quantum of the Seas entering New York harbor

He’s getting downvoted because he’s making a generalized statement about cruise ship design based on one ship, as if there is some master design for them. I agree that the QotS is a bit….out there, but it’s by no means the ugliest thing to

Miss Geico

That’s the old Mystic Miss Geico… One of the turbines caught fire and she burnt to the water line. The new one runs 1650 Mercs and is a 43 Victory I believe.

Sailing regatta with spinnakers in Croatia

The wind on the Croatian shore is quite modest, unfortunately. Expect 10-15 knots on a good day. We once had 25 knots and while we were cheering, so many other boats sailed to the harbors. BUT, if there’s [Bora](, you can expect the wind

Riva Aquariva

She’s made of fiberglass. The toe rails are solid mahogany though. The foredeck is covered in mahogany and holly ply, it’s the only thing about the boat is don’t like. For around $1M, they should use solid wood instead of veneers. We had lots

J-Craft 42′ Torpedo

Many boats and ships are registered in Monaco for tax reasons but their home port could be anywhere in the world. That is why you often see luxury yachts in the Caribbean that have Guernsey or Monaco written on the back. Rich people saving

Lee A. Tregurtha, formerly the USS Chiwawa, outside Marquette MI

I thought the name was familar: in 1989 she received her present name after the wife of Paul R. Tregurtha, currently Vice Chairman of the Board of Interlake Steamship Company, the ship’s owner – See more at: The Paul R Tregurtha or “Fancy

Roger Blough underway at speed on Lake Superior

Being a bulker the positioning of the pilothouse is unimportant, so having it forward makes navigation much easier for the crew. Most of the boats on the lakes were built before 1980, but newer boats do have it in the back because it’s cheaper

An unnamed tall ship approaching the Port of Liverpool.

The ship is the [Asgard II](, the Irish sail training vessel which sank in 2008. My grandfather was the marine surveyor who oversaw her construction; she was a well-designed brigantine, he was skeptical of the findings of the investigation.