Top 1000 Boat Pictures

Wally Power 55, one stunning cruiser

Good looking boat if you like the in-your-face stealth fighter thing. These boats from Wally have spawned a whole series of imitators which all have the same plumb bow and deep forefoot. It’s an unfortunate defect. In any serious sea she will have to

Ebba Maersk and HNLMS Evertsen at sea.

At least that many, I am unsure what the ratio of 20ft : 40ft containers is on a modern voyage but from looking at a lot of photos it seems that 40ft containers are the most popular nowadays. 20ft containers can be moved on

1970 Grand Mariner 40 under sail

I wish I could understand sailing. Friends have told me, “It’s really easy! Think of the sail as a wing!” (I served in military aviation.) And I love sailboats, aesthetically. But that doesn’t tell me how to translate that “wing” thing into making the

Nomads of the sea- adventure yacht

[Nomads of the Seas website]( [Rates and Contitions]( $10K-17K usd for 8 days . . . crazy. [Another website](

Racing schooner “Westward”

Those sails are set absolutely spot on. In so many pictures you see poorly set sails, jibs luffing, stretched and baggy at the foot, or all set wrong. This just looks perfect. That flying jib up there. So beautiful.

Tugboat, Harbor Island, Seattle

The difficulty comes from combining the three exposures when there are moving elements in the photo. In this case there were ripples in the water, so the the three HDR exposures all had different versions of what the water looked like, and the colors

Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis, currently en route to Antarctica to assist a Russian research ship stuck in ice.

Those icebreakers that are painted red for high visibility in the most extreme polar ice conditions. The Russian [Arktika class icebreakers]( are painted mostly red on their superstructures, while the American [USCGC Healy]( has a mostly red painted hull. Interesting that the Aurora Australis

324′ superyacht MADAME GU by Feadship of Holland

Awesome! I’m traveling the south of France and Spain this summer and I never expected to see so many amazing yachts here. Seems to dwarf the Carribean cruising season, although there are some major ports in the Carribean I haven’t visited. Walked the docks

Abandoned 14′ sailboat turned into a launch

– [How it was originally found]( – [Hull work]( – [Power and transom]( – [Interior and wiring]( – [Finished]( – [Docked in the water]( Here’s the article: