Top 1000 Boat Pictures

324′ superyacht MADAME GU by Feadship of Holland

Awesome! I’m traveling the south of France and Spain this summer and I never expected to see so many amazing yachts here. Seems to dwarf the Carribean cruising season, although there are some major ports in the Carribean I haven’t visited. Walked the docks

Abandoned 14′ sailboat turned into a launch

– [How it was originally found]( – [Hull work]( – [Power and transom]( – [Interior and wiring]( – [Finished]( – [Docked in the water]( Here’s the article:

My sailboat at the dock under the milky way

I could live with that. I’m used to schooners myself. A friend and I, though, are trying to buy a brigantine and kit her out as a proper Georgian-era King’s ship. We want to do long-term sail training trips. Probably won’t come to fruition,

amphibious vehicle

This is the “Amphib Alaska” according to [this]( article.