Top 1000 Cars Pictures

Side view of a blue McLaren P1

They’re a pretty serious bit of kit. Developed by Akebono (they also develop brakes for Formula 1) theyre 390mm (380 rear) of carbon ceramic infused with silicon carbide. Apparently they can stop the P1 from 100kmh in 30 meters. Long story short, this car

1967 Toyota 2000GT by rubrduk

From Wikipedia: >The engine was a 2.0 L (121 in³) straight-6 based on the engine in the top-of-the-line Toyota Crown sedan. It was transformed by Yamaha with a new double overhead camshaft head into a 112 kW (150 hp) sports car engine. The car

1970 Plymouth Superbird

I’m sure this spoiler could be designed to be much smaller, yet also much more functional. So? Since when did the *You’re only allowed to modify cars with parts that are track-functional, lest you be labelled a poser-douche* thing become a rule? Should cars

Fueling-up the Arctic Silver 993 Turbo

We use (RON+MON)/2 in the US while they just use the RON in Germany which is usually a higher number. For instance, Wikipedia says Aral Ultimate 102(Germany) has an RON of 102 octane but the (RON+MON)/2 is 95 octane.

2013 Jaguar XFR-S 5.0 Supercharged V8

TBH it seems like there’s a broad shift in the technology being used in the entire auto industry to get as much mpg out of a big engine as possible these days, obviously since gas prices have askyrocketed since then. 10-20 years ago I

A Rolls Royce engine bay

I’ve talked with a Rolls Royce technician, designer, bespoke consultants, and sales person (Along with a few other brand’s designers and such.). You can get anything you want. It’s not “You probably can.” It’s “You can because, **A.** It’s on the option list of

Aston Martin Vanquish Q

I’ve seen one in person, too. These pictures don’t give it justice. They manage to be even better looking in person. Absolutely fantastic looking things, aren’t they? Took my breath away.

Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

I love this car, I wrote a blog post about it here: I really wish someone would make a limited run of them, maybe use a Mustang or Camaro engine and buy suspension components off the shelf from high performance vendors, that sort

Black NSX

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Oh, Canada; the HTT Plethore

In this case though, it’s shit. The car was first designed back in ’99 by a body shop guy and an entrepreneur, none of which (if you’ve noticed) know of any mechanical work. The car has a history of blowing through gearboxes and generally

Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12EC

at first it was said, that he wanted the 599 v12 engine (Tipo F140C) build into the 458 chassis but this never happened, so he got this tribute to 512. btw. there are some more ferraris that were build by the factory for special

Ford GT at Cars and Coffee Scottsdale

I appreciate the courtesy. Yes, there are hundreds of pictures *somewhere* with my plate in it and yes, I know you can’t easily go get my info from my plate number, but if my car is the focus of the picture, I like my

The French are still crazy (Citroen Survolt)

Just in case you or anyone else doesn’t know, It was made for GT5 by Citröen (The GTbyCITROEN), for GT6 Polyphony Digital had a special concept program which a lot of makes enrolled in. So expect many beautiful things coming out with this one.

Desperately Pretty 1972 Datsun 240z

No idea. I was under the impression that they had basically the same body, but I’m not sure. Those guys have an email on their website. I would recommend shooting them an email. Like I said, I just found that in a search, I

Mean lookin’ Porsche

A blowoff valve opens when the cold side of the turbo is blowing against a closed throttle and allows the created pressure to escape to prevent damage to the turbo. It’s on the intake side and makes a blowing/hissing noise when the driver takes

Lamborghini Miura Concept from 2006

The Miura was a departure to ‘the new guard’ AFAIK – engineers & designers still young enough to “know everything” used a configuration much more demanding of precise weight distribution & geometry without necessarily knowing all they could about weight distribution & geometry… Early

Galpin Fisker Mustang 2015

My neighbor said he started using Galpin for his work now since the Fisker name was so tainted by the bad quality of the Karma and other botched projects. He mentioned it when he showed me a picture of the Galpin Ford at SEMA

1948 Cadillac Sedanette Custom

I remember seeing this is person with my dad at a car show. My dad wanted to go specifically because he knew this car would be there. It’s even more beautiful in person, no question.