Top 1000 Cars Pictures

Santa riding a volvo amazon

I fell you man. They’re getting so hard to find anywhere to be honest. Honestly if you really wanted one I’d go looking around junkyards and such, because the only models I’ve been able to find for sale recently are cars that have already

Volkwagen prototype GTI roadster.

This is a concept car and is about as related to your Golf GTI (also, 25k? holy shit those are dirt cheap in the US) as it is related to my Golf TDI BlueMotion. It’s not because it happens to have the word GTI

The wheel of the Aventador J

Copy of the press release given to Twisted Sifter… “The Lamborghini Aventador J – The technical basis for the Aventador J is the Aventador LP 700-4, Lamborghini’s new twelve-cylinder model – Unlike traditional seats, the Aventador J seats are made of Forged COMPOSITE, with

up skirt LFA

Do you happen to know why that one section of the exhaust exposed at the back? Is it for clearance when routing under the drivetrain, or something else, possibly cooling for the rear diff? Either way, that car is amazing. You know a car

Lancia Stratos HF in the wet

Here is some more recent night races. They were banned at one point. I remember a rally where McRae drove the stage after his lights failed! ERC Jännerrallye / Janner Rally 2014 – Kubica SS1…: The car is a group b car. They

The new McLaren 650S

Should they even be helpful to the general public? How many average Joes and Janes know what LP570-4 Spyder Performante Edizione Tecnica stands for specifically? Or 430 Scuderia Spider 16M? I’d say 99% of the worlds population don’t know what they stand for exactly.

Ferrari Family

I just consider the lineage of Ferrari hyper-cars to go like this: 288 GTO, F-40, F-50, Enzo. They were all there except the GTO. I don’t think some people realize how much the 288 development led to the F-40.×350.jpg

2015 BMW M3 Frozen Red

So there you are, in the passenger seat, not touching the wheel, and not driving the car. So basically what you’re saying is, you can’t tell me jack shit about how it drives, only how it feels sitting in the passenger seat while some

2015 Bmw i8 with no blue

I don’t think I could link you to a source, but while I was working at Honda, the sales of the first generation of Civic Hybrid were below expectations. Other than the wheels and the trim on the back, there was not much difference

Jaguar XJC Coupe

I was turned onto them in jr. high / high school when my mom dated a guy that had a ’67 Corvette convertible, a 1st then 2nd gen RX-7 (he sold the 1st gen after a fellow attorney scratched the rear spoiler putting his

Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda

Here’s a couple more almost forgotten tidbits for your fun and entertainment: most people think that “hardtop” means no B-pillar, but it originated to describe newly introduced designs that didn’t have fixed frames around the windows on the doors (1949, IIRC.) Most (but not

1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS

I’ve found that’s not always reliable, though – dealers sometimes offered the option of installing side marker lights on ’67s once the ’68s rolled out, not only to boast of increased safety but also to make the older car look newer. It’s also common

Lotus Exige S V6

I’ll try and make a long story short. Lotus had a 5 year exemption from US Federal bumper and air bag standards, they could import and sell their cars during that period which did not meet those standards during that period but after that

Restomodded ’77 Celica

Looks good. I can see your vision. I would say that if you are getting hate from the VW community that is kind of odd and rare. Just by judging the couple of photos you have posted, I would say it may be the

Dirty Mclaren P1 –

I remember a guy who posted with an Exige here say something that stuck with me regarding this. Particularly the guys who brag about having low mileage on their sports car. It’s like bragging that you have a supermodel girlfriend, but you only hold

Citroën Metropolis (concept)

I genuinely don’t understand why car companies do this. They make a concept that is gorgeous and everyone drools over and then they just pull back and slowly evolve on what they already have. Is it too costly to produce? Are they afraid running

Audi R8 exposing itself

I’ve driven the original V8 version. The gearbox is a total piece of shit. And the shift paddles are all wrong. Really, really made a negative impact on such a great car. The single clutch transmission is woefully sloppy and painfully slow. I expect

Immaculate Porsche 356

It is quite appropriate to call the 356 an awesome VW Beetle. The 356 was created by Ferry Porsche, son of Ferdinand Porsche (who designed the VW Beetle). Like the Beetle, the 356 also had a rear mounted, air cooled flat four engine. Interesting

Superformance MKIII

I think the background may have been digitally blurred to enhance the bokeh – there’s a white line just above the curvature of the bonnet which looks like a masking line in Photoshop. That said, I’m far from an expert in these things, so