Top 1000 Cars Pictures

Mazda FD3S RX-7

I’ve always liked it in stock form. It’s a good, recognizable, minimalist design, which has aged well the last 20 years, and will continue to do so as long as they aren’t tainted by the aftermarket. It’s a nice looking sports car, and one

The Mclaren P1

That got me thinking. Modern Li commodity cells are usually rated for ~500 discharge cycles. Less of they are discharged near their maximum discharge capacity/driven hard like I suspect this press car has been. I could imagine the battery pack being cycled dozens of

The rare De Macross Epique GT1

Yeah, to me it makes the lights seem like an afterthought in which they were running out of either money or time by the time they realized that there were no taillights. “Uhh…boss? These don’t fit, they’re too wide” “We don’t have [time for

Nissan GT-R Nismo at 85. Auto Show in Geneva

It definitely is dated considering its been out since ’08-’09 almost 10 years with the same platform is longer than average I’d say. Using the ferrari italia as an example, it came out later than the r35 gtr and they already made the italia

The Supra replacement, the Toyota FT-1

They don’t sell well? This car would exclusively fill a market that not one car company at the moment is filling. Their are millions of 18-25 yr olds looking for their first car. Many are looking for something with alittle more power than a

Corvette ZR1 at my office.

I agree!!! To think someone actually removed the nice OEM ZR1 wheels to put on those… things. At least do as well as the ones you’re replacing.. geez. The black also makes it kind of look like those steelies in the distance in the

1700hp twin turbo Ford GT

Not exactly the same as a 1000+ hp “traditional” engine, but if you want to feel the acceleration, call tesla and go test drive the 700hp P85D. I just did yesterday and goddamn was that acceleration satisfying as fuck. Now I have to live

The 1967 Camaro Streetfighter

I found this on [Ratsun]( Then you have [The 510 Realm](, [Japanese Nostalgic Car](, or if you’re want mainly S30s then [Zcar](, [Zdriver](, and [ClassicZCars]( I don’t lurk on the Z forums, just the first 3, but much of the Datsun community is very

Lamborghini Aventador

Nice looking car besides how much lower than stock it is, and that it’s been noticeably stanced. I’ve never been one to really like the ideology of slamming and stancing cars but I guess its someone else’s car for a reason lol

2013 Porsche 911 50th anniversary edition and a 1963 Porsche 911

The only annoying difference I see is the big “911” over the plate holder. The rest is just because it has a longer model name- and spelling out the entire model name isn’t [exactly]( a [new]( concept. I do miss the “PORSCHE” part being

My C63 AMG Black Series that is Black

You know, most of the C63s look like just another Merc with a silly wing. But they did an admirable job with this one from the factory (and the photographer got its good side). Did Vossen just add some crazy 15 spokers and call

’67 Chevelle we just finished up

That’s a lenco planetary style transmission, and those are only used for the very fastest cars. Classes like pro stock use planetary transmissions. They are almost undrivable on the street, and the costs can be truly ridiculous. Maintenance is a giant issue with them.

Another picture of the extraordinary car meet!

I really wish the F-Type would offer a manual transmission. Despite most reviews I’ve seen claiming that the car’s feel isn’t so great at the limit (but everything leading up to that is great), its a car made for spirited driving at the very

Twin Turbo 1970 Roadrunner

In that state of polish, closer to $60K, and if the rest of the “go” is as good as the “show” closer to 100K – and then you’ll need to maintain it… but, still, doable for more than the 1%, maybe 3-4% of people

Last McLaren P1 GTR to the States

I find attitudes like yours tiresome. It’s like a religious war. Yes, dual clutch boxes are faster than manuals and if you’re racing on a road course you’d definitely be at a disadvantage with a manual. But outside of a track, people are concerned

The REAL Bugatti GT

I hate the horseshoe grill. That grill worked great and looked great on the original Bugattis. But cramming that into modern designs is just stupid. [Look at this picture]( — one of the cars has a grill shape that makes sense with the tech

1930 Bentley ‘Blue Train’ Recreation

It’s not a Speed Six. It’s not even a “replica” in the usual sense of the word, most would term it a “recreation”. A “replica” would try to match the original more closely. Obvious problems with “replica”: * It’s an 8-cylinder (R-R B80 military

Green Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Glancing at the thumbnail I thought to myself, “self, that’s no Lamborghini, that’s a Plymouth Road Runner Superbird.” I was, obviously, wrong. I need help with my MOPAR problem… and by help I mean I need a Plymouth Road Runner Superbird.

Brian Hobaugh’s 1965 Corvette Stingray C2

It’s not for downforce, it’s for top speed. A flat plate will stall and stop making “lift” (downforce, for a spoiler) at about 16-18 degrees. So this is well beyond that. And since one end is bolted to the car, there’s no airflow “over”

Ferrari 599 GTO

I think Ferrari’s reasoning was that it was the street version of the 599XX. So not a homologation car in the original sense of a road version of a race car that was mandated by a race series sanctioning body (after all, the 599XX