Top 1000 Cars Pictures

Dat Veyron Ass

Even on top end Ferraris there are areas where the quality just isnt there, lambos and astons use parts from lesser cars, on the Veyron everything is staggering quality and build, I mean every little thing is awesomely put together and designed to be

C63 Black

Not sure if this car is a real black or not, but all C63s come with the panoramic sunroofs as standard (but removable I believe) equipment, including the Black Series cars. EDIT: Apparently it was only in NA where all C63s come with the

A Little Ferrari History

F60 and F70 are just the name used by the press for the theoretical car before they debut. The factory never used F60 or F70. F40 and F50 are the only F series cars like you refer to them. Only 272 288 GTOs were

Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4

the Aventador SV reminds me of a DMC kit; a shit load of carbon fiber that comes off as overly aggressive the Murcielago SV however was sleek and aggressive to just the right amount.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

> Simply put, these fan impellers feature fibrous flock layers along the surface, which creates a turbulent boundary layer of air, much like dimples do on golf balls, resulting in increased air-flow, and decreased air-flow separation (whiplash). My personal theory is that people

Toyota Supra Rear!

Several things, Japanese car makers agreed to hold their power output to 200hp. There were issues with the the economy, increased regulations that effected demand. It’s a shame that so many car companies that created exciting performance machines have resorted to boring grocery getters.

The ultimate dream car: R34 GTR

It’s not the same exact one tho. If that porn star you’ve already seen got new tits you’d probably want to see her again. trust me I get it, oh another R34 boo hop, yeah but it’s another fucking R34!!! They’re legendary!!! It’s not

My 2013 SRT Viper

That shot is all about the lens. The camera body is important sensor wise but the difference between a good crisp photo or a not so good photo 9/10 times is the glass. This was shot with a Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4 ZA. Pricey

Audi R8 in Gulf Livery

Some dude crashed one of thoses here a few moths ago. The guy, being 18, got it from his dad and was in a streetrace. Spoiled brat. Nonetheless, I love an R8. Edit: [Source]( Different version, same colors.

My boss’s Jaguar, in perfect condition.

No, the XK120 didn’t, but this is an XK140 anyway – look at the bumper with bumperettes and no grille cutout (that’s the 120 and then later a different type for the 150) and the somewhat shorter hood with chrome center trim. A Leaper

1969 Mustang Boss 429

an old friend has a 1970 all original boss 302 in classic mustang blue. it’s a gorgeous car, it sounds amazing… i think my friend dated his daughter just to be closer to that car. gotta love the Boss.

2014 SRT Viper GTS

The Viper TA is not really similar to the leather clad GTS. The TA is almost not road worthy. Sure it absolutely wrecks on the track, but it’s so race tuned that anything less than ultra smooth tarmac will unsettle the car and take

Toyota Ft-1 Concept. Red Mamba.

It really is uncanny. I don’t have a problem with Mustang owners in general, or Mustangs as cars for that matter. But the muscle car culture in southern California is extremely obnoxious. Every car meet I go to, if there’s some group of idiots

TVR Sagaris

“Hey Trevor, what’re you up to these days?” “I’m making my own car company! I’m calling it Trevor’s motor car company!” “Not a particularly catchy name, mate, if I’m honest.” “Fine…I’ll call it Trev-car motors! It’s streamlined, sexy.” “Yeah, no…its shorter, you just made

Sorry about the quality, this S30 was too beautiful to pass up

I apologize because this is a SFW sub, which are typically filled with high quality, high resolution photos(earthporn, animalporn, abandonedporn, ect). I’ve always thought that there *should* be a minimum resolution rule to weed out garbage quality reposts like [this]( or [this.]( Both **original**

The 3rd Koenigsegg One:1 is nearly finished

On what? The new cars? Don’t have much, just shit from browsing forums such as this one: Some of the people on this board know shit loads about Koenigsegg and it’s fairly reliable stuff. The new Agera will be similar to the last

1947 Labatt’s Streamliner delivery truck

If the distributor/brewery that owns this is anything like the one I work for, this truck rarely sees the light of day and is not used for actual deliveries. All of our custom wrapped/painted vehicles sit in the warehouse unless there is a big

1971 Nissan Skyline

A datsun 510 is a perfect comparison for a non gtr c10. The GTR is closer to a stock fairlady z (s30) for speed. They were quick back in the early 70s in Japan. But even then, a muscle car would have walked all

Dodge Challenger

I believe he was referring to NA vs. NA. In that particular category the 392 does win. Dodge went for the bigger block high displacement engine like the nostalgic muscle cars of the 70s. In that category, and in the creature comforts category, most