Top 1000 Machine Pictures

Soldier wearing four tube night vision goggles

Before I answer, I have to provide a disclaimer. I’m no expert here – I only got to demo NV and thermal setups. Most of what I know, I learned that day with some other tidbits gleaned from reddit. This particular unit was strictly

LNG Tanker the ‘Arctic Princess’

>A typical cargo cycle starts with the tanks in a “gas free” condition, meaning the tanks are full of air, which allows maintenance on the tank and pumps. Cargo cannot be loaded directly into the tank, as the presence of oxygen would create an

1959 Lincoln Futura

That’s not even my biggest concern about the buble-top windshield here. The windshield doesn’t even touch the profile of the car like most others; it sits inside by half a foot and, with the exception of the roof (which I’ve never had a rock

Sperry Ball Turret

I got the chance to lean into the ball turret of “Sentimental Journey” – a B-17 owned and operated by The Confederate Air Force. They have Betty Grabel’s pin-up picture painted on the nose of her. The gent who was the guide for me

P51 Mustang in flight

Definitely declawed. There has been some modification to that wing as the D had 3 .50 calibre machine guns in each wing. I’m also certain that the landing light in the left wing is a modification as well. I think the leading edge of

Versabar’s VB 10,000 oil rig remover

**Items obtained** * an erect penis * a bottle * a pool stick * a watch * some cheetos * a ladder * spray cheese * a 10-year-old * a sleeve * some boredome * MrG’s wife * a needle * some loneliness *

Hot Espresso

I went to a vocational college for air conditioning/ heating repair, and part of the course was to learn how boilers operate and what regulations apply to what pressure boiler. A lot of those rules they have are written in blood from the victims

TGS hydraulic salvage grab

Sub weldments of plate steel, round tube, solid bar, and square tube. For machining you could use a very large boring mill or drill press – those machines are pricey. A cheaper and space efficient alternative, but requires much more skilled operators and setup

RC helicopter rotor head assembly

It’s usually referred to in the manuals as the “Mast nut.” funnily enough, a bell 206 *has* actually taken off without a mast nut, the torque on the splines in the mast was enough to keep it on apparently. he got it back on

Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 static test

That engine is a masterpiece. It has thrust vectoring, the nozzle can deflect the jet stream +/- 20 degrees, and can super cruise. Pretty much every major component on that engine is considered world class in terms of its Aerodynamic design and its overall

Slow motion close up of table saw

You don’t just replace the aluminum, you have the replace the whole assembly. You can’t reset the “spring” that is used to flick the aluminum at the blade, as it’s an incredibly high tension part. It works the same way that you can’t just

Slovak firetruck

Not crazy at all. I know farmers to leave the disk hooked onto their tractors during wheat harvest just in case this happens. In fact, that’s probably what this guy did, as the fire would have probably took the whole field in the time

The London Tower Bridge lifting mechanism.

Well I wish them luck in their power-to-weight ratio. The use of torrefied biomass sounds interesting on its surface, but also raises questions about waste product disposal and if they’ve included the energy needed to produce such fuel into their calculations. With the advancements

Impressive engine room on the 288ft superyacht QUATTROELLE

Unrelated to the engines but included in that link, some guy states: >“We don’t start with splines and curves from computer programs, which simplifies curves into mathematical shapes,” says Lenard. “Instead, we take our hand drawings and translate them dot-by-dot using weights and flexible

Boeing 747 with a fifth-pod engine

And my point was that they aren’t constantly in high demand, or someone would build another factory and fill the void. Whilst they would have orders on the books, I don’t think they’re simply built to order. I think they anticipate demand. For example

Apollo Portable Life Support System (PLSS) uncovered

Like [this]( from this month. The bygone tech trumps the new in this case.

Snowblower train, Skagway, Alaska

[Here’s one in action]( in Switzerland in 1937. It still exists [and even operates]( from time to time.
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