Top 1000 Machine Pictures

The 4.5 liter, 562 bhp V8 from the Ferrari 458.

>The ZR1 makes more power than the new LT4. Most people expect that by the time the LT4 comes out, it will outpower the ZR1. >Extremely wrong. OHC engines have the ability to be vastly more compact than pushrod engines at the more extreme

Bicycle parking in Japan

I can see how the bicycles are supported to remain standing when they’re placed in the storage area. It looks like it’s a channel for the tyres to sit in, but I don’t imagine that would be enough to keep all bikes standing (I

Tu-95 Bear – “Saratov”

This is Russia’s equivalent of the B-52, right? I wonder why they went with propellers while we went with jet engines. They came out within months of each other. EDIT: > The big problem for Tupolev was the engine choice: the Tu-4 showed that

Nuclear waste container

Ahhh, awful memories coming back, I worked on a team that designed a mockup of one of these as a senior design project. I will try to find it again but there is a whole NRC Directive related to the specifications containers need to

Орион-20 ekranoplan ground effect vehicle

The engines are on the front to maximise prop-wash interaction over (and more importantly under) the wings, and sometimes (if they are angled upwards or can be tilted that way) to provide extra lift on the nose to get the hull up and planing

BAE Systems MACH-10 Railgun Prototype

The fire you’re seeing is a combination of a few things, but first you have to understand that this railgun isn’t firing things with magnetic force, at least, not how everyone thinks of it. A railgun works by creating a charge differential between two

Bagger 288 – The Largest Land Vehicle in the World

>By February 2001, the excavator had completely exposed the coal source at the Tagebau Hambach mine and was no longer needed there. In three weeks it made a 22-kilometer (14 mi) trip to the Tagebau Garzweiler, traveling across Autobahn 61, the river Erft, a

Yamaha 5 valve cylinder head

If your bike has over 100 hours I would HIGHLY suggest you get the head checked out. Yamaha heads are extremely reliable, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This one had about 120 hours before the rebuild, the middle intake was shimmed

F-35 (Pratt & Whitney) LiftSystem

To be fair the tail fin of the F-35 in the background is kindof confusing the structure of the engine. It’s totally unrelated. Speaking as a photographer I’d call that a poor use of composition. All you’re supposed to be looking at is the

Open Pool Nuclear Reactor

You have the physics mostly down, just a few engineering notes. 1. Tritium is undesirable because it’s radioactive. It decays by low energy beta with a half life of ~12 years. Generally betas aren’t that bad from a biological damage point of view (unless

Rim Driven Propeller

The rim along the outside is the main reason that they’re only good for slow speed. The rim, or shroud, adds to the efficiency of the propeller in two ways. Ideally, they are shaped like an airfoil in cross-section and can be use the

Dashboard of 1963 Chrysler with push-button transmission.

that or climate controls? Here’s another view (different car), I can’t make out the labeling. Closeup of dash from a 1960s Chrysler New Yorker:

C-5 Eating a C-130

no it was not designed just to take c-130’s…think more along the lines of Tanks, Helo’s, fighters,…and even boats… there are a few specially designed C models (SCM)that were specially modified to carry Nasa Space modules..they dont have a rear passenger carry area (troop

5 Axis CNC Machine

If the material being cast is hot enough to be liquid, what would you pour molten metal *into*? A *metal* mold? One way around this conundrum is to make a part of wax, dip it in ceramic, let the ceramic harden, melt out the
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