Top 1000 Machine Pictures

Rosenbauer Panther 8×8 Fire Truck

There a few reasons. One is that airport fire trucks like this one are meant to respond to a very specific type of emergency; they carry a lot of water and foam and have the means to deliver these extinguishing agents onto burning planes

RS-25 Engine Undergoes Hot-Fire Test

Indeed, and the interesting part is once the engine starts burning and it reaches operating temperature, it’ll (hopefully) equalize and at that point, the engine is “sustainable”. In other words, for as long as you provide requisite fuel and oxidizer, it’ll burn indefinitely since

MiG 105 – prototype Soviet spaceplane

A few years back I was rather infatuated with the EPOS/Spiral program. I loved it so much I made a few [renders]( of it. Likewise, I’m also a fan of the HL-20, which has recently moved the Wings Over the Rockies museum in Denver.

SS United States, the most powerful steam turbine merchant vessel ever built. Thanks to her 240,000 SHP powerplant she was capable of 38.32 knots and set a still unbroken record for power-to-weight in a passenger liner. She could cruise 10,000 miles at 35 knots without interruption.

This is it, gentlemen, the swan song. The last great steam liner. Ordered in 1949 *United States* represented everything learned about ship building and powerplant design during WWII rolled into one gorgeous package. She was underwritten by the US Navy and built to military

Auxiliary heater

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BMW S54 engine torn down

Yep. The difficulty, I hear, is in the metallurgy. How do you create a bolt that can withstand such temperature fluctuations, in which a flaw just a few nanometers apart could cause it to break? That sort of thing. It’s the same with fighter

Diamond wire sawing holes in concrete.

Not always. If someone is taking the time to build a slab wall form then it won’t cost that much extra to build in a cake form to bolt into the middle. That’s an extra 3-4 days work in a shop to make one

HTRE-3 Nuclear Powered Turbine Aircraft Engine

you can go and see this thing at the Idaho National Laboratory, right next to the world’s first electricity-generating nuclear power plant (EBR-1). You don’t even need a ticket or a tour, it’s sitting out in the open just off US-20. you do need

Babbage Difference Engine built with LEGOs

“There is Lego on the floor.” Hmmm…. like, “There is vomit on the floor.” Which is syntactically the same as “There is some vomit on the floor.” “Sheep” is the plural of “Sheep;” so, you can say “There are sheep in the room.” But

Door locking mechanism in Apollo 14

They didn’t use pure oxygen in the capsule after Apollo 1, they used an oxygen nitrogen blend (60% Oxygen, 40% Nitrogen). The reason being a pure oxygen atmosphere, at higher than the outside atmospheric pressure, like the one in Apollo 1, makes usually none-flammable