Top 1000 Machine Pictures

My Uncle Tim’s Crazy Cool Homemade Tube Amp

It must be a pretty strong FM station, AM is much more susceptible to accidental demodulation, although sometimes funny things happen. In my case it was the BBC located in England, thousands of miles away, while local stations caused no interference. > Loudest at

Ingersoll. A mill in an old warehouse in Pittsburgh.

The first bit of [this video]( is a pretty good explanation. The difference between the two machines in that video and the machine in this photo (besides the size, the Ingersoll machine is much larger) is in the movements. In the Ingersoll machine in

Yas Superyacht on Transporter

The idea of transporting a boat on the water via another boat was unintuitive to me, so I looked into it. So imagine if you’re super wealthy, and you have a nice yacht, but it’s docked at Monaco. And you decide you want to

CH-47F Chinook Helicopter

They also [do this]( Which is useful in case of an emergency, and also for recovering seal teams in some situations, as [seen here](

1919 Winther rotary snowplow

Here’s the rail-mounted version of the same thing, built in 1925, seen [in service in 2011](, then, a bit later, [after it flew apart]( (fortunately in the middle of an empty field). It’s since been rebuilt, and currently resides in Minneapolis, on standby to

With its main rotors removed to prevent escape, a NHIndustries NH90 helicopter is fed to an Airbus A300-600T “Beluga” to appease the transport’s voracious appetite – a function of its large size. Canberra Airport, Australia

The helicopters are being delivered from [Marseille, France to Canberra, Australia]( That’s a great circle distance of 10,500 mi. The Airbus has a range of 2900 mi with a 26 ton payload, assuming you could fit three NH90s in there, that would be ~14

Japanese Typewriter

When my parents were looking to move to the U.S. (about 35 years ago!), they could not figure out a way to legitimately get a visa to enter the country. Rather than to migrate illegally (either by sneaking in, or by over-staying a tourist

The Back End Of A WWII T28 Super Heavy Tank

>*Forgoing the human cost* >>**It’s literally the first line of the comment.** >>>***That being said, there’s the human side to war and there’s the gaming side to war*** I forget how to make text larger on this website, but I would if I could.

Ferrari 458 camera car.

Hard to tell without being able to see the actual camera / rig in closer view. But you’re looking at around $10,000 for the tape measure, $5-20,000 for the zoom lens, $60-80k for the camera body, $200 for the battery, $200 for the recording

Northrop Grumman X-47B

The Navy is being deliberately vague by what they mean by this, but based on what the Air Force describes as an “orbit”, it means, in the case of the 600 mile one, to fly 600 miles out, do something, fly a reasonable distance,

Savana Mining Dredge

My guess is the smaller bottom pipe is for water flowing to the head of the dredge, the larger top pipe is to carry out the slurry mixture that is dredged from the sea floor.

Rocketdyne F-1 Rocket Engine being tested at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. The same engine used on the first stage of the Saturn-V Rocket.

That one might be historical. However, Dianetics is tying up with Rocketdyne to design and manufacture an [updated F1]( They hope to get selected for the big strap on boosters for Nasa’s forthcoming Space Launch System. (competing with the modified solid rocket engine from

Shasta Dam Under Construction in 1942.

I grew up about two miles from here. One of my coolest memories of the dam was following the floods of ’97(?). A bunch of trees and debris got washed into the lake and took something like three years to drift from the river

The ‘Himiko’ water bus of Tokyo

I’m not an expert in any relevant field, but this somehow looks to me like the kind of over-designed, over-engineered monstrosity that would rapidly start developing persistent leaks, steering problems, issues with window seals, mechanical/electrical problems, etc etc. It just looks like an extremely