Top 1000 Machine Pictures

Lexus LFA 8-Speed Transmission

As far as the engineering goes, up to a certain point far, far faster than an internal combustion engine can spin, RPM is irrelevant to a transmission. When you buy one for a project car (or even when a major manufacturer orders a few

JET Project Tokamak Fusion Reactor

super energetic, yes. enough power to do any damage? no. you have to create a vacuum to prevent arcing of the grids and remove normal air and make way for a low density deuterium mix, also the vacuum helps protect the outer bell jar

Tank with a silencer attached for test firing in urban areas

Camouflage patterns are protected by copyright, there are even companies that specialize in making a large number of patterns and variations just to hold copyright, forcing nations to lease newer and more efficient patterns from them. ( My experience is that we had

The unusual flight deck of research aircraft ATTAS

From what I understand basically they have done this: They fitted the plane with a steer by wire system but let the classical mechanic steering intact as a backup. The steer by wire signals are going through some computers before they reach the actuators.

Feuma apple processing machine

Here are some cool example videos: * [Keyence 3D inspection system]( * [Keyence Instant Measurement Systems]( * [Fanuc IRVision Robotic Inspection]( * [Fanuc IRVision 3D Robotic Bin Picking]( * [SICK 3D Scanning Sensor]( * [Pix4D Aerial Image Processing Software]( * [Thermo Scientific Automated Spectroscopy

A F-111 Aardvark doing a “dump-and-burn” over Brisbane, Australia

Yep, just for show. You can find many examples on [google images](, I just picked this one as I thought it looked awesome and was available in high resolution.

Airbus A350 XWB Winglet

Had the same question but quickly came with a “static” conclusion. Too much failure points, no need for more wingspan^? Then i was thinking about future with “changing shape” alloy if you apply the good voltage or T° Could be dynamic sooner than later

1990 Leyton House CG901 Formula 1 car

That and many tyre changes and endless other changes for safety in the meantime. As a general rule regulations have gotten much stricter over the years to make the sport safer and to stop cars going too fast. F1 engineers can get damn closd

F-16 Nose : APG-68(V)9 Radar

It’s actually pretty simple, the antenna is pretty much a whole bunch of tiny antennas, and any signal will arrive at a slightly different time to each of those antennas depending on the where they come from. Straight from the front, the tiny antennas

Tupolev 160 ‘Blackjack’

>While similar in appearance to the American B-1 Lancer, the Tu-160 is a different class of combat aircraft, its primary role being a standoff missile platform (strategic missile carrier). The Tu-160 is also larger and faster than the B-1B and has a slightly greater

1979 Tucker Snowcat equipped with protective armour

Those machines are real loud when they’re not covered in decorative armour which probably rattles and adds even more noise. I can imagine somebody running that with some death metal blasting out of those speakers. I’ve done that in a 1974 Tucker Sno-Cat while

Cutaway of the P-38 Lightning.

A lot of aircraft have small compartments like this. Typical ‘baggage’ would be things like wheel chocks, safing pins and other small bits specific to that aircraft that it might need if it were flying to a field not necessarily prepared for the type.