Top 1000 Machine Pictures

The biggest ship in the world, the Prelude.

Interesting stuff on [the wikipedia entry]( Built in a Samsung Heavy Industries shipping yard. Cost ~$12bn. Registered in Melbourne Australia. Will be stationed off the coast of north western Australia. Designed to withstand Cat 5 Cyclones (Hurricane spinning in the opposite direction). [Here’s some

The glowing core of Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor

The [source](http:[email protected]/3954062594/) says: “Samples from Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) core will be sent to Argonne’s ATLAS particle accelerator for analysis to learn the characteristics of the nuclear material. Powered up, the fuel plates can be seen glowing bright blue. The core

Buran Shuttle at Baikonur Cosmodrome in 1988

To put that into perspective, the Space Shuttle didn’t gain the feature to land on it’s own until after Columbia’s break-up, more than 15 years later, and IDK if it could ever do a totally automated launch, which I doubt considering even it’s first

Cutaway of the BMW Sauber F1.08

First, thanks for posting this. Quick questions from the video. The guys says that the steering system is very simple due to regulations. If there were no regulations, how would the steering system be different or better? From the video, you can see the

Ferrari Enzo cam and oil pump gear assembly

Depends on the engine. The twin cam ISX with scissor gears has a hell of a lot of gear train noise, but a 60 Series Detroit has only a little gear noise unless the bull gear bearing fails. An old N14 Cummins has practically

Mil Mi-26

General characteristics Crew: Five– 2 pilots, 1 navigator, 1 flight engineer, 1 flight technician Capacity: 90 troops or 60 stretchers 20,000 kg cargo (44,090 lb) Length: 40.025 m (131 ft 3¾ in) (rotors turning) Rotor diameter: 32.00 m (105 ft 0 in) Height: 8.145

MAN Diesel & Turbo process-gas screw compressor

That shouldn’t matter, should it? If they’re running at different speeds they will interfere and crash. I’m imagining if they weren’t connected by the gears and one was completely stationary. You wouldn’t be able to turn the other one. Edit: Think I got it.

A naked Porsche Carrera GT

Does anyone know the story behind this naked Carrera GT? I’m curious as to how it came to be in naked mode. *Was it in for repair of some sort? *Or was stripped to it’s naked state at the request of it’s owner for

Train switching levers in Java

The red levers at the far end likely control signals, and at a guess the white ones control points (switches). That’s about all I can work out about this specific frame just by looking at! These types of levers were generally used with the

Underwater wreckage of a C-47

i’m hi-jacking the top comment to share some knowledge with everyone > FAST FACTS ABOUT THIS PICTURE: > It is a DC-3 (civilian commuter), the C-47 is the military transport variant. > [The person in this picture is Pierre Frolla.]( > Depth is about

Skeleton of 1955 300SL Le-Mans racer

In regards to the comments about it’s safety, [the wiki]( has this to say about it’s performance in the 1955 Le Mans race: >The bonnet decapitated tightly jammed spectators like a guillotine.[3] With the front of the spaceframe chassis—and thus crucial engine mounts—destroyed, the

Cockpit of Airbus A-380

This cockpit layout/functionality was determined to be a contributing factor in the Air France 447 crash, which was an A-330 but i think it shares avionics with the A-380. * The pilots’ side sticks do not provide feedback to one another. When one pilot