Top 1000 Motorcycle Pictures

Honda RC213V-S

Nothing really. People were expecting a huge power output but it has 156 bhp (101 for U.S) and needs the race kit to get the full 212 BHP. Which to be honest has always been Hondas way. Although I doubt many of these will

£40,000 Ducati Desmosedici RR

It was their GP bike of that era detuned and made road legal. They are very rare, yet oddly they do turn up a lot at bike meets etc. Service costs and parts are silly money.

Yamaha RZ350

It uses [hub center steering]( which separates the braking and suspension forces. I don’t have time to pull up a ton of links, but there are several bikes that have used it including the Bimota Tesi, Tesi 3D, the Vyrus and the Yamaha GTS1000.

Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen

Importing it as an off-road vehicle shouldn’t be an issue. I would see an issue arising when you try to register it for the roads though. Not exactly sure where it would get held up, but I bet between insuring it and registering it

Stunning HRC BSB Fireblade 7360×4912

They wont show it on telly as its the superstock 600 race so it won t be a spoiler, but there was a horrendous crash. Both air lifted off the track. Both still in critical condition. The sort of one watching you know is

Nothing crazy, but I love it. My first bike.

They’re superb and I had no maintenance issues with shaft drive. The only thing is they lack the torque a belt or chain belt has, some people like the power of torque some do not. It’s just a matter of preference. Although the 1800


Just judging by the photo I’d guess it’s >55 degrees before that boxer engine scrapes. That frame, suspension, and tires don’t look like they can get anywhere near that before it gives up traction.

Zündapp KS 750

The technology in this bike is incredible, considering it was designed in the 1930’s. Just look at the frame! Also, the engine was so good the Russians and BMW flatly stole the blueprints to produce their own versions. Zundapp was teh shit!

my FZ-09

Sorry if you’ve answered this question already, but I am looking to get an MT-09 (that’s what we call the model in Australia), but I am totally not digging the stock license fender. It looks rushed and I don’t like how it sticks out

Spotted this today, who makes it?

I don’t know if someone makes it as a complete jacket but it may just be a “Misfits” skull patch sewed onto a jacket of choice…[email protected]pe^PLA-device^c-adid^51870555867

Brand new R1M, Gorgeous piece of machinery

I really hope the R6 gets a facelift just as drastic. That bike has had the same damn look while every other bike has changed. I owned a 2012 R6 Limited Edition (red and white livery) which I loved to death but couldn’t believe
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