Top 1000 Steam Pictures

Daguerreotype of an unidentified man posing with a steam engine, c. 1850.

Well, not sure exactly, but do you see those twisted vertical lines by the man’s head? Those are belts [running from an overhead pulley shaft to run machinery]( This is how most factories and machine shops powered their equipment before the advent of small,

Traction engine running a hay baling machine

This is where a lot of us at the museum learned the basics of firing. On the road, it’s difficult to see what’s going on, but with a stationary boiler and continuous (heavy) load, we can see who really knows their stuff (and get

Electrician B. Fitzgerald cleaning the headlight of a locomotive at the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. All engines operating west of Needles are equipped with hooded headlights in accordance with the blackout regulations, Needles, California, March 1943 by Jack Delano.

because we were at war, and foreign soldieres had made it to our soil. german u-boats landed on the east coast and soldiers attempted to sabotage our infrastructure. (

Bluebell Railway #263

It was a lovely morning on the Isle of Sodor. The engines were just waking up and waiting to ride the turntable out of the roundhouse. Percy, as usual, was hogging it.

Arrow Transfer

Watching these things steer is just painful. At least on the ones that I’ve seen, they don’t have the ability to stop either track. To turn, an assistant puts wedges under one side to cause the machine to slowly turn in that direction.

Milwaukee Road 261

Hi, This was at the Northeast yards…off University, south of Columbia Heights. She ran excursions the following weekend, and I staked out a spot to watch her rumble by. Very cool. Got some pics I could post if you’re interested.
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