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>Can anyone explain what I’m looking at?|

Sort of. Looks like a series of rollers sitting outside their millstands. There’s probably another set in the machine centers. See the rails where they push the rollers into and out of line?

What they do is form the steel, making it longer and more narrow. A steel bar is fed into one end of the series, and comes out the other end with its dimensions changed.

Here’s some videos; [hot rolling](

I had thought cold rolled steel used a different type of mill, but the only videos I could find were of sheet production. [Found something cool,]( but completely unrelated to cold rolling. Cold rolling might use the same sort of setup with the steel at a lower temperature. I am guessing here, though, I do not know this. I do know cold rolled is more accurate in dimension, has no mill scale on it, and is much stronger than hot rolled.

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