My 2014 Aprilia RSV4

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I haven’t done any track days on this one, combination of lack of time and that exhaust wouldn’t pass sound check!

I love it, I have had litre sports bikes for years and I cross tested this with an S1000RR, which I loved, but it felt pretty much like the gsxr1000 and the fireblade I had before it.

This is a much more involving ride, it sounds silly but it feels much more like the bike is with you on the ride, not just taking you on one.

Traction control is amazing, as is launch control (very addictive) ABS is good, cuts in a little more than I would like braking on bumpy roads though. It’s also actually pretty comfy, not as small as it looks.

Bad points, it gets hot, very hot, if you get stuck in traffic, the switches for the road stuff are impossible to find, traction control + is where you expect the horn to be, indicators I can never find.

But they aren’t things to ever worry about, once smashing through the gears with the quickshifter popping and banging little niggles like that are quickly forgotten!

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