Restored Bombe code breaking machine at Bletchley Park

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That said, the computer museum is NOT part of the Bletchley Park experience or whatever it’s called. It is independent and hugely underfunded, solely relyin on volunteers to keep it running… Kind of. They can usually show the Colossus machine (which they built themselves without blueprints, just from photos and the memory of some old men), which is in a seperate room, but the museum itself was only accessible with a guide, because fire regulations require more staff on site when open to the public.
They get NO support by the people who run Bletchley and are not mentioned with a single word by the staff in very stylish entrance area or the expensive guide book. It really is a shame to see a money making enterprise like Bletchley Park not giving a fuck about people who passionately keep marvels of modern history alive and running and as accessible to the public as they can.

Shame on you, Bletchley Park. The place deserves better than money making business people, an iPod driven tour of the premises so you do not need to pay guides and shacks with scraps of paper on the wall for those who really want to know something. Because the museum part of Bletchley is run down at best. They earn their cash from high end business conventions held on the upper floors of the estate. So much for great British history.

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