“Saturday Night Special” Chrysler kit car

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You don’t put the correct grille on a race car? You don’t put a model emblem on a car that you race to advertise the car itself? You don’t put fog and head light finishers on a race car? As far as I can tell, [you do](http://i.imgur.com/Ve3d7P9.jpg). Not to mention the missing air dam, which was de rigeur on ’70s nascar entrants with narrow nose profiles like this challenger. There’s also the painted bumper, which you never would have seen on a car meant for advertising, back then chrome=luxury. Which brings us to the next and maybe greatest point. Manufacturers did not race their base models. Dodge didn’t ever race this model challenger for good reason, it wasn’t even offered with an engine that would be competitive in racing, and manufacturers didn’t put too much into showing off their base models because they wanted to show off the best they had.

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