The Coronation Scot class, one of the most powerful locomotive classes to ply British Railways – more details in comments –

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[The Coronation Scot]( class was designed to carry premium passengers on the West Coast main line and was regarded as one of the most powerful express engines ever to run on the British railway network.

She’s quite a looker, streamlined and coach-lined and clearly intended to make a visual statement as much as provide an express service, and being one of the more striking locomotives on the traditionally rather stolid-looking British network. The streamlined look seems to give a tip of the hat to American hardware of the time, but of course the British track gauge, loading gauge, and often awkward track designs typical of a small, congested island mean that she was never going to be like the huge, long distance monsters found in the US.

Nevertheless she hauled express services in some opulence, including air-conditioned carriages with passenger controls, which must have been quite luxurious when she was running scheduled services in the late 30s.

The photo linked is all action, black and white and under full steam, but have a [poke around Google images]( and you will find lots more images of a truly elegant and beautiful beast.

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